Development Team and Change Management

There is always a risk of considerable loss of efficiency when adapting new methodologies and technical applications to support the development process in a “complex” environment. To mitigate this risk PLM systems in collaboration with customer's Human Resources can develop a change management program which provides different kind of operation:
Organizational features:
  • stabilization of resources dedicated to the execution of the process based on new processes and new technologies available
  • update of the roles and responsibilities
Training features:
  • skill assessment
  • skill improvement / development
  • formalization of the process with a proprietary methodology (ROPM: Result Oriented Program Management) which allows an easy communication with users (Input, Output, To Do list, available tools)
  • training programs (classroom, online)
  • providing support on startup ("how to use")
Influential features:
  • communication programs
  • incentive plans
The change program must be “monitored” carefully using a set of indicators (KPI: Key Performance Indicators) that allows the early identification of any deviation from the plan and necessary corrective actions.