Project Governance and System Integration

The “governace” service aims to provide large enterprises, with experience in PLM projects, a framework to support the corporate Program Manager managing the complexity of the project and for the medium-sized enterprises experiencing their first PLM, a "guide" that allows to minimize project risks.

The "governance" provides the definition of the objectives in different phases of the project, monitoring the results and status of the activities with respect to deadlines, the identification of corrective actions in case of criticality, the possible content adaptation and deadlines to change the business requirements.

The services offered include:


  • general arrangement of the project and definition of  “escalation” processes
  • to support Project Leader and Project Management Board
  • identification of risks and arrangement of appropriate countermeasures (prevention)
  • definition of procedures for quality assurance
  • technical management of the project
  • monitoring technical and administrative progress of the project
  • continuous update of the development plan


PLM Systems takes advantage of Scrum methodologies (Scrumworks) and Agile framework (Subversion Edge), when possible, for iterative and incremental development of software, which allows management of complex projects even based on package standard. For the project documentation, PLM Systems suggests the use of guidelines of the "Recommended Practice for Software Document Description": SRS, STLD, SDD, STD that allow the definition and documentation of the project contents throughout the entire life cycle of the software.